I cannot believe that it has almost been a full year since we began our journey together in Circle K. The accomplishments that our dis- trict’s members have been a part of is simply incredible. Raising money to eliminate tetanus from the world, serving at our three Ronald McDonald Houses, and serving our campuses and communities in so many ways – we have really done it all! The actions of all of our NJCKI members makes me so proud to have been able to serve as your District Governor.

I truly believe that these acts of kindness and selflessness that you have all participated in were not one-time things. I know that the hearts of all our members are full to the brim with a passion for helping others in any way possible. I urge you to use this passion to positively influence other people in your lives. Whether you do that by giving someone a jacket when it’s cold, or giving them a warm smile as you pass them by, the impact of your thoughtfulness can really change the future. Please, never forget the ways you can change lives through your daily actions and choices.

With about a month left of our terms, let’s go out with a bang, and makes these final days memorable. And then, once we reach our DCON weekend, we can begin to prepare ourselves for the new ser- vice year ahead! I look forward to seeing you all there to celebrate the old, and welcome the new!

Stay classy, NJ District! 🙂

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