Insight into a Magical World of Service

Greeted by headmasters/mistresses upon arrival, newly enrolled students of the New Jersey District of Circle K International were divided into their Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry houses through the one-of-a-kind sorting hat.

After a round of introductions, house bonding was well under way on the first night of Insight Weekend 2010 when a house anthem competition ensued. Many wizards and witches showed off their singing, dancing, and team spirit talents among many other things.

The night wrapped up with group break-out discussions regarding how magic can be made in the community through the service of leaders and working together despite our differing leadership approaches is necessary to obtain teamwork not only at Hogwarts, but at our separate colleges and universities.

Saturday morning started off bright and early after our first nights on the toasty, heated cabins.

With our assigned houses, we then took our shot as separate groups at different team-building courses in the woodsy hills of Camp Mason. Whether we were collectively trying to keep a single wooden platform balanced without touching the ground, or tip-toe through a spider web of twists and turns, these activities only boosted our house connection and ability to work with leaders not like ourselves.

Later on in the afternoon, an Amazing Race themed challenge was thrown upon each other of the houses to be completed in a two-hour time limit, in which every house vied to tackle the most tasks with the greatest display teamwork in the allotted time. Following this intense extravaganza of unique wizardry through working together, each Hogwarts student was afforded the opportunity to choose which community service activity they wished to partake in before a bounty feast for dinner.

A choice ranging from raking leaves to installing drapery in the cabins, the New Jersey District of Circle K International was more than willing to brighten up the looks of Camp Mason through the magic in-stilled in their giving nature.

Wrapping up quite a busy day of team building and volunteering, all of the houses regrouped to attend the Host Club’s, Brookdale Community College, sponsored event. Full of eliminating rounds ending in the free-for-all soda can balance test. Brookdale’s Club Co-President Danielle Sammut ended up showing up all of us aspiring wizards and witches with her skills.

Followed up by the Great Hall Speak-Out and Candle Light Reflection, it was quite apparent that less than 24 hours had brought each one of these houses and Hogwarts students closer through fellowship and made all the difference in defining what was taken away from this insightful experience.

Ending the night with the Yule Ball, the New Jersey District of Circle K International was able to celebrate the lessons that had been learned that weekend and take part in further establishing the new friendships that had sparked.

Sunday came too quick for all us, dspite Daylight Savings Time. While there was a hurry to eat breakfast, finish up Owl Post, and discuss bids for the Pie-the-Board Auction, the frenzy in the air was magical to say the least.

After an intense auction to support district fundraising efforts, District Editor Jennifer Hsieh shared a video of photos to reflect the weekend, and then the pie-ing was well under way.

Saying goodbye was probably the hardest part of the whole weekend, as each Hogwarts wizard and witch knew they would have to return to their original collegiate dwellings to attend academic classesthe next day. But they would never forget the Magical World of Service they immersed themselves into at Insight 2010.

We hope that you will join us das Insight 2011 to shape an experience similar to this based off of your unique leadership characteristics!

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