It’s Back to School Time!

September 15th, 2012, New Jersey Circle K club officers from all across the state gathered together at Brookdale Community College, where they partook in this year’s annual Club Officer Training Conference!

This year’s conference, put together by our District’s very own Membership Development and Education Chair Annabelle Fallarme, kicked off with a basic Welcoming session which introduced our many club officers to the New Jersey District Board, as well as International Subregion F Trustee Ron Acerra.

Following the intro, members were given a brief lesson on CKI’s general premise as well as a few important details regarding the organization itself. This lecture soon segwayed into a quick explanation of the New jersey District’s buddy system, a new program designed to help clubs assist each other throughout the upcoming school year.

With the general lecture over, attendants were treated to a selection of Circle K workshops, which primarily focused on training this year’s incoming executive board members. The session’s workshops covered the positions of general committee members, editors, treasurers, secretaries, and presidents alike.

Soon after the initial session of workshops, another session was introduced with the primary focus on preferred charities. From this selection, members had a chance to learn more about each of the New Jersey District’s Service Partners, as well as Circle K International’s ELIMINATE Project (which featured guest speaker Michael Mulhaul).

With the conclusion of our workshop sessions, members were introduced to one final presentation regarding Aktion Club (this year’s NJ District Governor’s Project). Governor Danielle, as well as a few members of the Kiwanis Committee, gave a heartfelt presentation on the project.

At the end of the trainer ended on a very positive note, with members reflecting on all the lessons they’d learned from the day. That being said, NJ CKI would like to thank everyone who attended COTC and made it such a success. You’re going to rock this service year!

-District Editor, Shivam K. Patel

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