On Saturday July 24, 2010, the Circle K hosted its annual Kiwanis Family Picnic. The picnic attendees included the members from New Jersey District Key Clubs, Circle K clubs, and Kiwanis clubs. One of the purposes of the Picnic is to build a stronger bond with each level of the Kiwanis Family. It allows the New Jersey District to make connections with another and get to know one another in a casual environment. We were also able to raise money for our yearly budget!

Those in attendance got to see friends that they don’t normally get to see on a daily basis and they participated in competitive team bonding games like volleyball, three-legged races, and a water balloon toss. Along with the fun and games, the New Jersey K-Family enjoyed a picnic meal made for a king consisting of hamburgers, hot dogs, various salads, and desserts.

With good planning and hard work from everybody involved, the picnic had over fifty attendees and was a huge success. A special thank you to Stockton College Circle K for being the host club (and providing games and prizes) and another thank you to Sonya and Caroline for the behind-the-scenes work on the Special Events committee! Look out next summer for the next annual K-Family Picnic!

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