A recent club event that I specifically wanted to write about was the informal Seabreeze officer held at our campus led by our wonderful Lieutenant Governor, Teddy John Wohlbold!

I really enjoyed that fact that it was informal because sometimes people are afraid to ask questions in formal settings.

Dressed comfortably and in a relaxed setting, the Seabreeze officers were able to learn information about the officer positions and membership recruiting/retention, while learning various ways to improve our clubs. We even had some fun while playing Twister as an icebreaker (for those of you who attended; you know have liked to see more people from our division come out, it was a success. Hopefully next year we will have a greater turnout where we would be able to have more people to ask more questions and share ideas. Personally, Brookdale took many notes and will make improvements for the upcoming year. We want to thank Teddy for taking his time out and doing this for us! Also, a special thanks to Anna Friars who gave us a great insight on the many duties of a secretary.

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