Annie, Cait, and I made the trip to Brookdale Community College of September 12th to attend the District officer Training. Monmouth University was one of many Circle Ks from the New Jersey District there. All three divisions were represented: metro, Seabreeze and Garden.

After a pizza lunch, District President Rob Acerra and Lt. Governors Roseanne and Teddy gave the opening speeches. The speeches were followed by some icebreakers and then group meetings for various officers. Each of us got a chance to share tips and gain advice about being better at our respective positions.

We also attended different workshops on topics ranging from recruiting members to service project ideas. One of our members, Caroline lay, gave a presentation on the upcoming District events including INSIGHT and Fall Rally.

Overall, the day was a chance for us to get to know our fellow District members and gain a better sense of our roles as club leaders.

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