Welcome to the New Jersey District of Circle K International

Circle K is an international, student-led community service club with over 15,000 members on college campuses across 18 countries. Part of the Kiwanis Family of non-profit organizations, Circle K offers its members opportunities for service, fellowship, and leadership. Circle K is organized into subregions, districts, and individual clubs. Each year, new international and district projects are introduced that are intended to make an impact in local and global communities. New Jersey is currently focused on fundraising for the Eliminate Project for our Governor’s Project, and is volunteering for the Ronald McDonald Houses of New Jersey for our District Service Initiative during the 2014-2015 service year.

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About the Tomorrow Fund by Bre Lembeck

The Tomorrow Fund is a gifted fund for Circle K International held within the Kiwanis International Foundation. The Tomorrow Fund helps CKI clubs and districts serve the world through grants for service opportunities. The fund is established through a portion of CKI member dues, direct donations, the donation of Carthage-Pullman Society mem- berships and the […]

Back in the Day 3

Back in The Day : NJCKI Fall Style

Welcome back to your semesters everyone! As you’ve begun to settle into your schoolwork and classes, we are greeted with grand amazing opportunities to hang out with our fellow Circle Kers! For this edition of Back in the Day, I wanted to share what it was like for me, over the years, to attend Insight […]


INSIGHT: It’s going to be a roar! By Melinda Graff

Come take an adventure with the New Jersey District to exotic Jurassic Park! Every fall, the New Jersey district gathers together at Camp Mason for a weekend full of good friends and good times known as INSIGHT! This year from November 7th to 9th we are going back in time with our theme of Jurassic […]

Treasurer 1

Budget Report with Treasurer Max Hirsch

Hello, my names Max Hirsch, your District Treasurer. One of my main jobs as treasurer is to set up, keep track of, and answer any questions about our budget. So that is why I’m writing this article. To show some insight about the budget, how it’s decided and inform you about how your dues are […]