Welcome to the New Jersey District of Circle K International

Circle K is an international, student-led community service club with over 15,000 members on college campuses across 18 countries. Part of the Kiwanis Family of non-profit organizations, Circle K offers its members opportunities for service, fellowship, and leadership. Circle K is organized into subregions, districts, and individual clubs. Each year, new international and district projects are introduced that are intended to make an impact in local and global communities. New Jersey is currently focused on working for the National Alliance for Mental Illness for our Governor’s Project, and is volunteering hours towards youth outreach for our District Service Initiative during the 2015-2016 service year. For more details, please visit our District Goals page.

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Spring Time is [Almost] Here

Hello, New Jersey! Spring is on its way, which means there are many more service projects and socials to take part in! Don’t forget that with service projects come service hours; so be sure to report all your service hours to your club Secretary! This way, you can obtain all of your volunteer hours whenever […]


An Insightful Reflection

Last year, I went to INSIGHT as a general member not knowing what to expect at all, and I ended up having an amazing experience.  This year, as the Conventions and Conferences Chair, I knew exactly what to expect, or so I thought.  Having planned the event, I thought there would be no major surprises […]


K Family Picnic Success!

Hello!!!  This is your District K-Family Relations Chairperson Hannan Kaleem and I just want to say what a blast the 2015 K-Family Picnic was!  Although it was an absolute scorcher the day of the picnic, there were about a hundred enthusiastic volunteers who attended and participated in the beach cleanup.  Members from Kiwanis, Circle K, […]

Creating and Keeping K-Family Bonds

One of the advantages Circle K offers over other student-led community service organizations is a network of K-Family organizations that encompasses people of all ages. While Circle K is comprised mainly of college students, it’s important to remember that there are other branches of the K-Family. Elementary schools have K-Kids, middle schools have Build- ers […]

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