Service Hour Reporting

Hello New Jersey Circle K,

Let’s talk about service hours and how to report them! A service hour is any hour that an individual spends volunteering for a charity or organization either within Circle K International or outside of our organization. In order to count towards a service hour, you must NOT be receiving any financial compensation or academic credit for completing the project. You can also record any service hours that you have completed since April 1st, 2021. 

Here are some quick examples events/projects that would count toward service hours:
  • Completing virtual service projects such as FreeRice online 
  • Time spent planning a fundraiser or service event 
  • One-way travel to a service project that is longer than 30 minutes away 
  • Attending a service project hosted by your club 
  • Attending a service project hosted by another club 
  • Completing a WASH 6k Calendar 

Now that you have completed service hours let’s go through how to record them! So in order to record service hours through your respective Circle K club, you need to be a dues-paid member. Note: if you are not a dues-paid member, you can still keep a personal log of your service hours and you can record any service hours you completed since April 1st, 2021 once you become dues-paid. 

Once you are a dues-paid member, reach out to your Club Secretary to find out how to record your hours. Each Club Secretary is responsible for recording all the service hours for their club and submitting them on the International Monthly Report Form (MRF) by the 5th of each month. Your Club Secretary might use a Google form, spreadsheet, or other document to record service hours, so reach out to them for more information on recording your hours. 

Now I want to briefly discuss some of the benefits of recording service hours. These benefits may include: 

  • Recording any Circle K service hours officially on your resume 
  • Contributing to your club’s and the New Jersey district’s service hour goal 
  • Recognition as your club’s member of the month for completing a certain number of service hours 
  • Ability to apply for the New Jersey District awards and scholarships at District Convention
    • Many of these awards and scholarships ask how many service hours you have completed and what projects were most meaningful and successful
  • Plus many more! 

If you have any additional questions about service hour recording, please feel free to reach out to your Club Secretary or myself at Now let’s do some service! 


Melissa Nash 

2021-2022 New Jersey District Secretary