The club secretary should be reporting all club service hours collected to the district once a month in their Club Monthly Report Form. The method of collection depends on the club. If you are not sure how to turn in your hours to your club secretary, just ask! I’m sure they’d be happy to explain the process to you.

It’s considered good practice to make a document or note on your phone where you can keep track of your own hours. This can make information easily accessible for yourself and will prevent any hold ups if you ever need fast access to your totals.

You may be wondering what constitutes a service hour. Here are some pointers.

The following DO count as service hours

Any administrative hours or preparation time for an event that is purely service in nature
Travel time TO a service project (30 minutes or longer away from you)
Outside service projects not directly associated with CKI, but are offered to members
Attendance at a fundraising event where the proceeds are ALL going to a charity

The following should still be reported, but are not seen as service hours:

Time spent at a CKI Social Event
Office hour/time spent preparing for meetings
Money fundraised for your club’s own benefit

If you have any questions about reporting a certain event or project, ask your club secretary, or myself at Happy reporting!



Stephania Gonzalez
2017-2018 District Secretary
New Jersey District of Circle K International