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Fall is slowly arriving, classes are starting, and Circle K’s all over New Jersey are preparing for their first, back-to-school meetings for the 2009-2010 Service Year!

Be sure to check up on the location of date of your first Circle K meeting (contact your club reps!)!

For more information download the latest edition of our newsletter, The Cirkling, and read through the website to gain more information and insight into the wonderful world of Circle K! 🙂

(Even if there isn’t a Circle K in your college you can still get involved by chartering your own chapter! Click here for more information and/or click here to see what colleges are in the process of being chartered)

Chatbox is live

The chatbox is up, and you can find it here. You are now free to talk about really important CKI stuff in there, or whatever it is CKI people talk about. Just follow the instructions on the right of the page to make your first post.

The New Jersey District of CKI

Circle K is an international, student-led community service club with over 15,000 members on college campuses across 18 countries. Part of the Kiwanis Family of non-profit organizations, Circle K offers its members opportunities for service, fellowship, and leadership. Circle K is organized into subregions, districts, and individual clubs. Each year, new international and district projects are introduced that are intended to make an impact in local and global communities. New Jersey is currently focused on fundraising for the Eliminate Project for our Governor’s Project, and is volunteering for the Ronald McDonald Houses of New Jersey for our District Service Initiative during the 2014-2015 service year.

Jersey’s Finest Train at BCC

Up at the crack of dawn, the 2009-10 New Jersey District Board of Circle K International set out, fueled by coffee and CKI passion to Brookdale Community College for the year’s first Club Officer Training Conference (COT). Up all of the previous night learning about their own roles at District Club Officer Training Conference (DOTC) at the Somerset Crowne Plaza, the Board was ready for another intensive day of CKI activity. Luckily, the Parkway is empty at 7am. After a brief board meeting, the Kiwanis committee, club representatives, and executive board set up for the District’s newly elected board officers.

Past Circle K’ers shared their experiences with the new NJCK generation and offered tips on how to be effective leaders and team players, how to keep old members, and attract new ones, how to dress for success, and how to fulfill specific officer duties. And of course, there was plenty of pizza and candy to keep everyone motivated. Said Rutgers Vice President Rachel Moseson, “COT prepared each of us for our various roles within Circle K, but also helped us see the big picture by looking beyond our positions and encouraging us to expand our clubs together.” Don’t fret if you missed this great experience; there’s another one coming up in the fall! Keep an eye out for news about COT II.