During the 2020-2021 service year, NJCKI raised over $13,000 for UNICEF’s Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) project.

How You Can Help


Bake Sale: bake some goods and dye them blue-attach WASH facts and CKI promotions for extra flare!

Car WASH: partner with a local business to use their outdoor space for a car wash! Pre-sell tickets and make flyers to promote your event, where you will be able to donate the proceeds to the WASH project, as well as spread awareness on the impact that clean water has on our daily lives.

Water Walk: Plan a World Water Day 5k, and encourage participants to carry 5-gallon buckets to symbolize the trek that women in “developing” countries embark on every day for water.

Service Projects:

Hygiene Kits: Put together kits with bottles of shampoo and conditioner, bars of soap, etc. with your club or district in an assembly-line fashion. Then, distribute these packs to a local homeless shelter.

WASH 6K Calendar Challenge: Are you up for the 6K challenge? Walk or run 6 kilometers each day of any month in solidarity with people in underdeveloped countries who make this journey to fetch water each day. Encourage your friends and family to select a day to donate using the calendar templates at circlek.org/wash. Anyone who participates can receive service hours for the time they spend walking/running!

What’s My Water Footprint?: How much water are you wasting? Become aware of the size of your ecological footprint and empathize with those who do not have as much water to waste. Explore this topic for an icebreaker or workshop by going to watercalculator.org.